Tiny Tove & Anna Marek (2 "classics")

Tiny Tove & Anna Marek 2 "classics"
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Anuschka Marek = the best!!! in poland and all around the world. what happened with her? - married.
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Anna Marek and Tiny Tove. Both classic oldies. They date back from the seventies. T.T. now in her late forties... Thorough search especially Google and the dozens of Y ahoo and M SN groups on both of them will be very rewarding. There used to be threads here on both of them, but were deleted during recent clean-up

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Anna Marek and Tiny Tove. Both classic oldies. They date back from the seventies.

I don't know about TT, but Anna Marek is definitely NOT from the seventies. She started doing porn in the 90's.

Also, I've heard that Anna was only 16 when she started doing porn. So don't be surprised if many of the pics posted here are under 18. Not that I actually care, just mentioning it.
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Are you sure Anna was in that mag in 1981? I read before that she started doing porn in the 90's, and this site says she was born in 1974:

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Any person know photos of Tiny Tove today or the name of her daughter?
Fri, Oct 22 2004 18:47
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Does anyone know which is HER name?


I only know this set, but she's among the porn legends, so there must be more.
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in future pse insert 'clickable' links....

She was called Gigi aka Solange

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funky2004 wrote:in future pse insert 'clickable' links....

Sorry... I always forget that in the version of the BBS.
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An Anna bio:

In the not too distant past, in April 1974, a girl was born. It would be 18 years later that she, debuting as Anuschka Marek, would change the world of adult entertainment. Now known to her fans as Anna, she appeared in her first adult film at the tender age of 18. The film, Slave to Passion (a.k.a. Slave of Love) took the athletic, fair-haired Anna and gave birth to a "legend."

Anna was very young looking in her earliest appearances. She was slim, small breasted, and had the unlined face of a worry-free teenager. It was impossible to judge her age. She could have been anywhere from 12 to 20.

Anna's intensity, apparent zest for life, awareness of the camera, and the challenge in her eyes as she gazes out at you is captivating. Anna is an incredibly memorable teen. She enchants you with her smile, blonde hair, sparking blue eyes full of secrets, and a body most men would happily die for. She appears innocent, yet inviting; willing, yet reserved.

To date, Anna is known to have made four films. Anna's work was not limited to movies, however. She is most widely recognized for her appearance in magazines published by Color Climax Corp. of Denmark. In these magazines, Anna truly shines. She portrays an inexperienced, yet randy teenage girl who enjoys older men and women, boys and girls her age, twosomes, and threesomes.

One of her very first magazine appearances was in a photo spread entitled "Naughty Anna". Paired with an older man, Anna gives us a peek in to her love of sex. She depicts an innocent teenage girl who likes to flirt. As she performs her seduction, she draws you into her fantasy. Each image is like a drug of seduction; your eyes become riveted to her youthful, nubile body; you bask in the radiant glow of her presence. As the story unfolds, it is impossible not to feel as if she is performing for you, the reader. She teases, seduces, and holds you all they way to the gratifying climax.

Unlike most photo models, Anna did not pose for the photographer. She was acting out her fantasies and doing what turned her on while photographs were being taken. Anna was her own director and source of ideas. The photographer would just hold the camera and go along for the ride. He might make a suggestion and say things like "OK", "Don't move", or "Perfect", but Anna liked to move and it was hard to get her to hold still for a shot. As such, Anna was never photographed as a model, because to be a model means to do what the photographer says. Instead, photographers were invited to photograph a part of her life as she followed her own fantasies and ideas. All the photographers and models that have known Anna seem to agree on one thing about her - there has never been anyone like her before, or since.

Sadly, Anna has retired from the adult entertainment business. She is missed but revered for her work. It is likely that Anna will still be capturing the hearts of men for years to come. It is not hard to imagine that far in the future, images of an eternally young Anna will still be gracing electronic media like Mona Lisa in the Louvre.

1.0 Who is Anna Marek?

In 1992, an 18-year-old Polish girl screen-named Anuschka Marek (now known as Anna) made a film, 'Slave to Passion'. The rest is history: still images of her have proliferated across the web and there are numerous web sites named in her honor. I imagine that far in the future, images of an eternally young Anna will still be gracing the Internet like Mona Lisa in the Louvre.

Anna's image has become famous on the net because there is a quality about Anna that few models can match. Anna was very young looking when she made 'Slave To Passion' -- slim, small breasted, and with the unlined face of a worry-free teenager. It was impossible to judge her age -- she could have been anywhere from 12 to 20. There is a love of sex, an awareness of the camera, and a challenge in her eye as she gazes out at you that is quite captivating. Her intensity, apparent zest for life, and her stage presence make her unique in the adult film industry. This incredibly memorable teen enchants you with her blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes full of secrets, and a body most men would happily die for -- she is both innocent, yet inviting; willing, yet reserved.
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1.1 How old is Anna?

Anna was born in April of 1974. So, she is no longer exactly a 'teen' since she is now in her 30's.
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1.2 Where is she from?

Anna's family is Polish, of Russian extraction. Some have speculated that she is a descendant of the Romanov's, the Czars, who fled Russia for their lives after the revolution. Fueling this belief is that her features betray an aristocratic quality. Her family is also known to have money and estates, which would support this supposition.

Little is known of her early childhood. She grew up on her family estate in Berlin as a willful tomboy, known to come home covered in mud from playing in the stream that ran through the estate. She would climb trees and do things to get attention: dancing and showing off. Her athleticism is evident in the lithe and muscular body first photographed by a gate for the promotional photos of the film "Slave to Passion". In her opening scene in that film, she is dancing through a field leading up to that gate -- the gate belonging to her father's estate, and thereby hangs a tale.
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1.3 How did she get into the business?

Anna's father was an adult film producer/director who used his estate for his films. Anna used to get in trouble for spying on the filming, making her father very angry. He DID NOT want Anna to get into the porn industry and tried to keep family and business separate. His desire was for her to be a virgin and marry a nice man so that she and his grandchildren could avoid the life style that he lived.

Since Anna's father was a wealthy man, Anna lacked nothing in the way of material goods; she did lack personal attention and affection. He was very businesslike and she was very physical and emotional. One can easily imagine that he gave her things instead of a kind word or a hug. Her sexual energy was an outgrowth of her intense personality and she used it to play and, ultimately, show off in order to get the attention and affection she craved. Anna's father would get very upset if anyone paid too much attention to Anna.

Anna was headstrong and rebellious, and by the time she was 16, a very free spirit. She and her father had a major disagreement when she told him she no longer wished to go to private school. Anna ended up being taught at home and kept under tight control.

His efforts were all for naught. Anna had long since learned about all the pleasures that sex had to offer; masturbating with the water jets in the Jacuzzi and stealing unguarded sex toys from the film sets. Anna would occasionally sneak a boyfriend into the estate and they would make love while spying on the scenes being filmed.

When Anna turned 18, her birthday gift from her father was a new Mercedes Benz sports coupe. It was only a few days later that she and her father had the fight in which she told him that she was going to be in an adult film. Anna basically laid it on the line to her father saying something to the effect that "I'm going to be in a movie and if you won't help, I'll find someone who will". Even then, he didn't cave until she threatened to go to the United States to become the next Tracy Lords.

The filming of "Slave to Passion" had been going on at the time and her father made a place for her in the film. The promotional photos were shot and a week later she was getting her way. She skipped, ran, did cartwheels, and danced her way through the fields of her father's estate in front of the camera. Anna's father refused to be present for any of her filming and left the direction to friends to make sure the scenes were done tastefully. Those present were amazed -- never before had they seen such acting as Anna showed that day. It is obvious, after the fact that Anna's scenes are directed much more carefully and soft-core -- they almost appear to not belong in the film. In retrospect, a more fitting name for the film could have been "Anna always gets her way".
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1.4 So, what was Anna like?

Now free of parental supervision, Anna would come and go as she liked and do what she wanted. Anna was not the kind of girl to have boyfriends; she had playmates. She did not like serious relationships but wanted lots of good friends. She would talk men into taking her on a vacation, promising them the time of their lives. She would do wild things, surprise people, shock and titillate unsuspecting guys -- anything to be the center of attention. She enjoyed doing these things and was very aware of how her sex appeal effected others.

Anna was active around the clock and was always looking for fun or an adventure. She needed at least 10 boyfriends to keep her happy and amused doing all the things she dreamed up, or traveling to the places she wanted to go. She had a way of inviting someone to go somewhere when really meaning for him to take her there. She seemed submissive in so many ways, but somehow, she always got her way while making one think that they were making the decisions.

Being with Anna has been described as similar to being addicted. Intoxicating while it lasts, but leaving you in heartbroken misery when it's over. She was so full of energy that she was more than one man could keep up with. When one playmate could no longer entertain her, she would go find another to play with, until they too were worn out.

Anna lived each moment to it's fullest. She savored every touch, smell, taste, sight, and sound. Everything was fascinating to her, from the tea she drank, to the food she ate. She would walk barefoot in the wet dirt or on hot pavement, feel the covers of the bed she slept in, smell the coffee, feel the sun, play music, listen to the radio, massage the body of her lover with her own. She was caught up in the sensual experience of life.

Anna was strong and thin from biking and climbing, and her eyes had so much warmth that she lit up a room with her presence when she entered. People could feel her energy like a tangible thing; waiters in restaurants dropped trays, cars stopped in the middle of the street, both men and women flirted. All of this in spite of the fact that she dressed, as was the fashion at the time, in ragged jeans and long T-shirts.
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1.5 So what was it like in an Anna photo shoot?

Anna's performances were shaped by what the film models used to say when she was spying on them and her father's attitudes about the models themselves. Anna's father used to say girls that "took a dick in the ass or drink lots of cum" weren't sexy, but degraded. While Anna and her father had many disagreements, Anna was evidently influenced by this belief and wished to appear as being sexy and having fun when photographed.

Unlike most photo models, Anna was not into posing. She was acting out her fantasies and doing what turned her on while pictures were being taken. Anna was her own director and source of ideas. The photographer would just hold the camera and go along for the ride. He might make a suggestion and say things like "OK", "Don't move", or "Perfect" but Anna liked moving and it was hard to get her to hold still for a shot. As such, Anna was never photographed as a model, because to be a model means to do what the photographer says. Instead, photographers were invited to photograph a part of her life as she followed her own fantasies and ideas.

In a story, corroborated by two sources, it is said that once, after a session where she tried to please the photographer by not moving and posing when asked, she got so hot that she took on both the male model and the photographer. Janne said basically the same thing in the Aktuell Rapport 5 segment "Agnes & Janne in Kungsholmen", that after the filming, he had to call up a friend to help take care of Anna because she had gotten so hot.

All the photographers and models that have known Anna seem to agree on one thing about her - there has never been anyone like her before, or since.
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1.6 How long was Anna's career?

Anna had secretly made friends of those who worked in the business that came and went from the estate and used these contacts to good effect. Any time she went on a trip or traveled somewhere, she would use photo or film shoots for spending money so that she didn't have to hear her father complain about how she was spending his money. Until the mid 1990s, photographers customarily sold their photo shoots to Color Climax, Corp. since CCC was really the only player in the game. This is fortunate for Anna fans, since it would be much more difficult to track down all of her photo sets if a dozen different companies published them. Even now, though, one wonders how many photo shoots exist that were never sold.

CCC first came in contact with Anna in July of 1992 through a German photographer who spotted her in a Berlin disco. She seemed to have the ability to attract attention from all the men there without even trying, or even being aware of her own sensuality. One of the first photo shoots of Anna sold to CCC was of her with an older gentleman in front of a magazine rack and in the home of a friend (Teenage School Girls #37 - "Naughty Anna"). It is said she picked this older gentleman because he looked like her father and she wanted make him angry. It worked - he tried to buy back the photo set, and when that failed, he purchased all he could find of this issue and burned them.

On October 25, 1992, Horny Rob (Robert M. of Holland) did a series of scans of Anna pictures and placed them on the Internet. She became an instant hit amongst the BBS and early Internet crowd. The numbers of images and movie clips now available on the Internet is still growing daily.

The same year she appeared in "Slave to Passion", she appeared in 'Sweet Pussies - Hot Sperm', a more commercial endeavor. Both of these films were released in November of 1992. Anna did some photo shoots (the earlier Teenage School Girls and Teenage Sex series) here and there until 1993 when she left with some friends that were visiting her father's estate to travel through Sweden and Finland. It was during her travels in Sweden, around the late fall of 1993, that she appeared in the Aktuell Rapport film segments "Agnes & Janne in Kungsholmen" and "Agnes from Stockholm". It is thought that Janne, who has appeared in other adult videos, was the friend with whom she was traveling. She dropped out of the industry shortly afterward - rumor has it that she was involved in a serious relationship over the next year or so.

In 1995, Anna came out of retirement in response to the popularity of the Alicia Silverstone look and did some more photo shoots (Blue Climax, Color Climax, and the later Teenage School Girls and Teenage Sex releases). She has been in retirement since 1997.

Anna continues to be CCC's most popular teen model. By September, l999, Anna had appeared in 23 magazines (4 of them reprints), more than any other model in CCC history.

Word around the campfire is that Vivid sent someone out to talk to her about a contract that was big in perks and a sum of money unheard of in the industry and she turned it down flat.

There are no official fan clubs for ANNA. She does not conduct personal interviews and makes no personal appearances. She says only that she prefers to "let the fantasy linger... besides, it was just fun then. I am living another life now, but I will never forget those times in the business... I 'loved' my job!!"

CCC and others are reported as having attempted to cajole her into one more photo-shoot, film, interview, or live cam event but to no avail so far.
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1.7 Where is Anna now?

She's living in Poland at the moment but still traveling a lot. Her father is thought to have passed away since last time anyone heard he was in a nursing home. Her father's estate is now owned by others and has become a housing development. The old house and the pool are still there, but the trees are all gone.

She supposedly has a boyfriend now that she is serious about and has no plans to make additional films. Anna is now in her 30's, her appearance has changed somewhat since the original films were made as can be seen in her Blue Climax and Color Climax photo sets.

When asked what she thought about her popularity on the Internet, she is said by an acquaintance to be amused and saddened that she did not make more photos and films when she was younger.
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1.8 Did she ever...

* Show her bare feet?

* Do an oral/facial cum shot?
Not really. There are several images in TS#72 "Randy Anna", in which she gets a little on her lips and chin. She also gets a little on her chin accidentally in Aktuell Rapport 5 "Agnes & Janne in Kungsholmen" which she wipes off on her shoulder.

* Do an anal?
Not really. A DP including anal is implied in BC#67 "Sandwich Thrill", though.

* Do a solo?
Yes. In the video Aktuell Rapport 6 "Agnes from Stockholm" where Anna plays with herself using a black vibrating dildo.

* Do an all girl scene?
Yes. In LL#39 "Pussy Play". She also appears in an all "girl" scene in the video Teeny Exzesse 19 - "Sweet Pussies - Hot Sperm" with Shannon, a transexual.

* Do an interracial scene?
Yes. In TS#81 "Big Black Dream".
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1.9 What is the chronological order of her publications?

The quick answer is that there is no officially validated chronology. See the Movies and Magazines pages on this website for details of Anna's appearances.
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One of the cutest things I´ve ever seen!
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You can download vids of Anna through Kazza.
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Here you will find everything about ANNA, lots of pics, try it.

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Here are some interesting tidbits on Tove. Does anyone know where to get any of her videos? My understanding is that Color Climax holds the rights. But I couldn't find her videos on their site.


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That is not true! Anna was in fact well over 18 years old before she started in the Adult Video and magazine business. She did her first photoshoot for Maximum Perversum Magazine issue #3 in the summer of 1992, this was promo shots for her first movie Sklavin Der Liedenshaft, or "Slave To Passion", Maximim Perversum #28. She was then discovered by Color Climax later in the summer of 1992, (July) and appeared in the Color Climax magazine "Schoolgirls #35". The Hornyrob company have info on her and proof of her age. Hope that helps all you Anna fans out there!
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You cannot post full galleries anymore, it is against the rules.

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Fantastic! Can someone give me the link of Anna with the black guy?
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Tiny Tove in "Always Prepared": http://tube8.com/teen/tiny-tove-(barely-legal)/2848/

And in "Math Assistance": http://tube8.com/hardcore/giovanis-teens-04/3546/


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